A quick overview of The Scramble meal planning system and recipes.

Customizing Your Menu

Learn how to adapt your menu to fit your family tastes and dietary needs, to use up ingredients on hand and to add your favorites from your recipe box.

Editing Your Scramble Grocery List

Here you will learn how to cross off and add items to your grocery list.

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    Most subscribers find that they save so much money, stress and time, and eat so much healthier, that they renew their Six O’Clock Scramble subscriptions. If you choose not to, we will keep your recipe box with its contents on file for a year. You can rejoin at any time during this period and your information will be waiting for you.

Recipes Questions

  • What do you mean by “healthy”?

    The Scramble prides itself on creating healthy and unprocessed meals that are also easy and quick to prepare:

    • Fresh, unprocessed ingredients
    • Balanced meals with main course and one or two easy and healthy side dishes
    • Fruits and vegetables that are natural and in season (they taste better and cost less)
    • Heart healthy oils and less fat
    • Lean proteins (like skinless chicken and fresh fish) and vegetarian alternatives
    • Whole grains
    • Full nutritional information including calories, fat, carbohydrates and fiber
  • How many people serves one Scramble dinner?

    In the top right-hand corner of each recipe, you can change the number of servings that a recipe will make. The changes in quantity will automatically adjust the quantities/sizes in your grocery list as well.

  • What do you mean by “family friendly”?

    All Scramble meals have been created by two mothers of two, Aviva Goldfarb and Jessica Braider, and tested by families (many of whom have picky eaters). So you start off knowing there is a great chance your family will try (and enjoy!) the meals. Many parents have been amazed by the transformation of their formerly picky eaters with The Scramble’s healthy and delicious recipes.

  • What makes Scramble recipes different?

    Each Scramble recipe has been carefully developed and tested with the family cook in mind:

    • All Scramble recipes are 30-minutes or less of actual work for you
    • Scramble recipes can be prepared in 20 minutes or less
    • Many recipes are marked as Make Ahead or with Slow Cooker instructions
    • All recipes come with tips for timing sides, etc. so your entire meal comes out fast and delicious
    • “Do Ahead or Delegate” tips on all recipes allow you or a helper to get dinner started in the morning or the night before
    • Recipes and instructions are easy enough to delegate to a nanny, teen, spouse or other helper
    • An organized grocery list ensures you always have on-hand all the ingredients you need
  • I am on a diet to lose weight – can The Scramble help me?

    While The Scramble is not a diet plan, we do derive and select our recipes using healthy nutritional guidelines. This eliminates the need for making special “diet” meals, thereby assuring that you can establish a long-term healthy eating lifestyle. Even without a special diet, many subscribers report that they lose weight by cooking The Scramble’s healthy meals.

    • All recipes are reviewed by a professional dietician.
    • All recipes have full nutritional information and Weight Watcher Points for the main dish and main plus sides.
    • You can customize your meal plan and select recipes from categories such as:

      • Low Fat: less than 30% of calories from fat, less than 7% from saturated fat
      • High Fiber: 5 grams or greater of fiber per serving
      • Low Carb: 10 or less total grams of carbohydrates

Menu Plan Questions

Special Diets Concerns


  • Because The Scramble focuses on fresh fruits, vegetables and lean proteins, many Scramble recipes and meal plans are vegetarian or vegetarian-friendly.
  • Typically, five of the eight featured recipes each week are vegetarian or can easily be made without meat. The weekly menu also includes one fish recipe. With the recipe database you can also search specifically for vegetarian meals to round out and customize your weekly plan.
  • The beauty of The Scramble is that the “non-vegetarian” members of your family usually discover that they really enjoy the meatless meals.
  • We also regularly review and recommend new vegetarian products and substitutes.
Low Sodium/Diabetes-friendly

  • Because sodium is linked to high blood pressure, hypertension and heart disease, we try to keep sodium levels relatively low in Scramble recipes.
  • Low salt does not need to mean low flavor. A couple of years ago we added The Scramble Flavor Booster option to recipes as a way to help you heighten the flavor of your meals without adding extra salt. Depending on the dish, Flavor Boosters might be pepper, hot sauce, lemon pepper seasoning, fresh lemon and lime, garlic, vinegar, and fresh herbs.
  • If sodium is a critical issue for you, you can select low sodium Scramble recipes having 480 mg or less of sodium per serving.

For those coping with Celiac disease or wheat intolerance, The Scramble provides many easy, delicious gluten-free dinner options:

  • Scramble recipes use fresh, non-processed foods making them Celiac friendly. On a gluten-free diet, fruits, vegetables, straight spices (rather than mixes) and meat are all safe to eat.
  • When sauces are called for, gluten-free brands are often recommended.
  • Using The Scramble recipe database, you can select Wheat/Gluten-free to insure no wheat products are included in the recipes.
  • Since Scramble recipes are simple, quick to prepare, and kid-friendly, you can easily accommodate your dietary needs while providing meals the entire family will love.

Though not specifically Kosher, most Scramble recipes are useful for people following a Kosher diet:

  • Three of the suggested meals each week are meatless, and those that have meat often don’t use dairy in the same recipe.
  • When dairy is included, substitutes can often be used successfully.
  • Occasionally recipes do call for shellfish or pork (usually once per month), but substitutions can easily be made.
  • You can also create custom meal plans by selecting the Kosher option in our recipe search.
Dairy Free

The Scramble knows that many families have issues with lactose intolerance so we create recipes that avoid dairy products (or call for alternatives) without sacrificing the nutrition. Scramble recipes incorporate calcium into family’s meals in a variety of foods:

  • Dairy Substitutes: Lactose reduced milk and flavored yogurts are just as calcium-packed as regular dairy with 300+ milligrams per 1 cup serving.
  • Fortified Foods: Many cereals, orange juice, soy products (like tofu) and even breads are fortified with calcium.
  • Dark Green, Leafy Vegetables: Broccoli, Kale, Collards and Bok Choy all are rich in not only calcium, but other essential vitamins.
  • Certain Fish: Canned salmon and sardines, because of their soft, ingestible bones are high in calcium.
  • Beans and Nuts: Nuts, beans, black-eyed peas and sesame seeds are just some examples of easy ways to incorporate these great ingredients into meals to add calcium to your diet.
Food Allergies

According to a recent poll of Six O’Clock Scramble members, 44 percent of Scramblers have a family member with food allergies. Many families become adept at substituting ingredients and adapting recipes to meet their dietary needs, using sunflower seeds instead of nuts, for example, or soy cheese instead of dairy cheese. To address this issue, last year we added codes for each recipe to indicate whether they are dairy free, nut free or gluten free. Scramblers can easily search for recipes and create a menu plan that meets their family’s dietary needs.

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